Keyboard Shortcuts I Learned This Week that I Immediately Fall in Love With

After almost 3 years in my wish list, I finally brought HHKB on my table.

Well, I spent sometime to learn more shortcuts so I can type more on this keyboard.

The following shortcuts are my favorite:


Switch active window within an application. I found it useful when I open a class file for reference in Xcode or switch windows in Safari.

I change the key binding to ⌘+Esc which is easier to reach on my HHKB.

⌘+shift+[ or ⌘+shift+]

Switch tabs, almost works universally, for example iTerm or Xcode. This is a shortcut that I forget several times, but when using HHKB, it can save lots of mouse clicks.

Pin tab & ⌘+1,2,3 to switch browser tabs

Pinning a tab in browser is useful because I use Outlook Web Application every day. I also pin a link to my pull request page.

I only allow myself to pin 2 pages otherwise I am not going to remember when I navigate tabs using ⌘+1,2,3.

Posted 2020-03-01

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