Hey, this is Jake Hao. I am glad you come here.

This page contains a curated list of blog posts organized by my favorite projects.

Weekly Report

I keep a journal everyday.

These daily journal will sometimes be organized into weekly summary of my side project progress, thoughts and reading notes.

iOS Deep Dive Topics

I am actively working as an iOS developer:


I enjoy spending time to improve my work flow.

Things I like:

  • Mail inbox zero
  • Tools that works well with my HHKB: Alfred App, Awk, NvAlt and Vim.

Things I hate:

  • Unreadable web URLs with long hashes in it


If you have feedback or ideas:

  • Follow me @haojianzong on Twitter
  • Email: hi(at)jakehao.com

Opionions published on this site are my own and have nothing to do with my employer.

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